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SEO is a set of technical and marketing techniques used to improve your website position in search engines like Google.

Identifying keywords, the building of relevant links, code validation and content management are the basics of SEO.

SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is the set of all marketing activities focused on web search engines (SEO, PPC, Social Media Campaigns, Affiliate programs).

Number of keywords is not limited. You buy the service, or the time that someone spends working on your website and campaign. If you select one or a few keywords, it is not the same as ten. The time of the campaign is expressed in working hours, our advice is to choose the optimal number of keywords that can have a great effect on a specific period of optimization.

Sometimes it is better to focus on 2-3 keywords, rather than waste the "strength" on a large number of them and do not get the desired results.

The contract can be signed only if you wish, there is no obligation. Our interests are a long and successful cooperation and good recommendations / references.

Google makes search results based on the textual content, a very small percentage over images (Google images). The content is still the King and will remain so.

When you write a text for your website, invest enough time to make it informative and quality. It will pay off.

Google has developed an algorithm and can very easily detect this irregularity. If you copy the content from another site that can cause an enormous damage to your site. Google can easily penalize a site that has a duplicated content and put it in a bad position .

Use unique text, strong headings, or let the job to the professionals.

Each market has its own search engine, in addition to the global Google.com. Using verified techniques, we can analyze the competition on any search engine or any language.

Geographical location makes no difference, and our clients are from all continents.

The fact that you are reading this is a sign that you are aware of the importance of internet presence and that is necessary to take adequate actions. It is the best to combine both marketing techniques if the budget allows.

SEO is a process that requires more time, more working hours in order to achieve the results and they are more permanent than the paid ads. On the other hand, the advantage of Google advertising is a fast placement on the first place skipping the competition, but the ad is active while it has got enough funds.

Besides you and the competition works constantly on improving their position. Google frequently changes its algorithm, and there are a lot of factors that affect on search results.

The company that gives you a guarantee has no base for it, because no one can exactly predict how much money the competition will invest and what are the possible scenarios. The main advantage of SEO companies are their current results. It can be guaranteed that there will be used only techniques that are in accordance with Google conditions and positive results are possible as well as good positions.

A large number of quality SEO specialists enable us to devote on your project maximally and you will get a specialist who will be in charge for your campaign. He is available for consultations and reports.

SEO results are very easy to follow through changing your position on the search engine, increasing the number of queries / keywords, visits increasing. Monthly reports from SEO specialists will transparently show all marketing activities.