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Expert search engine marketing consultant

PopArt Your SEO consulting services will give you an advantage over the competition. In collaboration with you and your requests, we will create a successful strategy together.

Our SEO Consulting services include:

  • Analysis of your online business and current position/number of visits
  • SEO strategy development: You are not sure what is necessary to do, and you have reserved SEO budget.
  • SEO audits: Complete analysis of your website, keywords density, tag positions, rank, duplicated content, tag hierarchy, number of characters.
  • Keyword research and analysis: Keywords analysis regarding on monthly/annual search on local/global level.
  • Competitive analysis: Competition analysis, their strategy and links that lead to their website.
  • Natural Organic link campaign: Following the latest Google algorithms and updates, our company will provide you a service that will enable you increase of visits, rank on search engines and proportionally to that, a profit.
  • Redesign guidance: Complete new strategy will enable exponential growth and constancy. Possibility of monthly maintenance and SEO building campaigns.