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Logo Design Proces

Logo or trademark is the visual identity of your company. The logo is what makes your company recognizable. Colour Web Guru has a creative team that has a very professional approach to logo design.

To create a logo, except of a name of your company, it is important for us to know which category of business you're in, so that the logo clearly represents your company.

Because of these facts PopArt team approaches to logo design with maximum professionalism through communication with the client, researching their needs, and at the same time following the latest trends in design.

The greatest emphasis is placed on communication in the design process, so that the client had an insight into the progress of the project, the designers get feedback that will lead to good long-term solution. This approach minimizes the possibility that the end customers are not satisfied.

Original logo

Logo design can consist only of typography (letters). In that case, the logo would be presented with the literal-graphical solution.

Today designing a logo became an art, so there are trends in creating logos: 2D, 3D, 3D animation ... A Logo represents your company, but it cannot represent all of the activities that your company does, if there is more than one, because in this case it comes to congestion and confusion of elements that make a logo. Simple, effective and sophisticated logo is the best solution.

Order logo design

You just have to tell us what logo you want, and PopArt team is there to take care of everything else. We create unique, creative and effective logo for you in following trends that will be etched into the consumers’ subconscious. Take a look at logo design portfolio Colour Web Guru.