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Business cards

A business card is a short form of communication with clients. Commonly a business card is the first presentation to your company's potential customers and therefore has to be done professionally. Design of business cards can be simple, serious and sophisticated, and innovative and creative.

Business Card Unique Designs

According to your desires, PopArt team will, with its ideas and professionalism, create a business card that will attract customers.

Sometimes the two golden rules applied in the design of business cards are: dimensions 90 x 50 mm and not more than two colors.

Recently, design business cards become a real art and appear non-standard forms to single out in a sea of others.

Order business card design

A business card can have a design on one side or both sides. Also there are many details that contribute to maximum business card layout:

  • use of more than 2 colors,
  • lettering,
  • gold printing,
  • thicker paper,
  • matte and glossy powder coating,
  • transparent plastic material instead of cardboard, etc.

Pop-Art team will design business cards that clearly and creatively present your data and successfully present your clients, based on your needs and new ideas.

Check out our business card portfolio.