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Terms of use and Policy

  • Colour Web Guru is beginning to work on project after receiving an advance payment - first half of the bill. If agreement isn’t different, the rest is paid after completing the project. Web sites are put online on live server when all payments are cleared. If it is applicable, hosting and domain must be paid every month.
  • Additional service comes with additional costs, on basis of the spent working hours. If client needs additional services, those services will be added on client’s bill.
  • Project delay may occur when:
    • Payment is delaying.
    • Client wants changes in design, structure or content of the project.
    • Client purchase additional service for the project.
    • Client is delaying with providing material.
    • Timeframe is approximately estimated time for completing the project, and it can be changed by Colour Web Guru. At any time Colour Web Guru may put project on hold.
  • All of our services are 100% satisfying. We don’t stop work until our client is completely happy with the project. However, Colour Web Guru will not be responsible for unreasonable client’s desires. Colour Web Guru has right to determine if request is reasonable or it fits the frame of services for client.
  • Services which are approved by client are considered as services which will satisfy client’s requests. Any additional work on these requests will be invoiced.
  • If it isn’t stated differently, every project is considered as finished after period of one year. This doesn’t apply for hosting or domain.
  • If client isn’t happy with services of Colour Web Guru, client can request refund of unused monies.

About this site

  • All prices shown on this site may be changed without notice. Prices are solely informative and Colour Web Guru isn’t required to apply them on your project. Contact us on the phone +13476088049 or by form on our website.
  • Promotional offers are not cumulative.
  • All images shown on this site are solely representative.

About web design projects of Colour Web Guru

  • Colour Web Guru doesn’t have any responsibility for content of the sites it designs or hosts. Colour Web Guru doesn’t have control over information, materials or products shown on those websites. Colour Web Guru isn’t consultant for its clients, and they are completely responsible for content on their web sites.
  • Because of the nature of web design and programming, appearance of the websites may slightly vary depending on device. Screen resolution, operating system and browser are some of the factors which may affect website appearance. Client must be aware of these possible variations and Colour Web Guru will not be responsible for them.