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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is short for phrase "search engine optimization", and that present activates that has to be taken, so website could be ranked in search engines for certain keywords.

Those activities are:

On Page optimization – activities taken on the website (suiting the content, heading, meta, alt tags, creating map of website, code validation, etc...)

Off Page optimization – activities taken outside of the website (link camping, online advertising, creating and managing account in social networks) - all of that activities significantly affect website positioning in search engines.

The main goal of SEO

The main goal of SEO is that your website attract targeted visitors from the search engines. Professional web design won't give you more visitors, it is necessary that when users type certain keywords in search engines, find your website on top of search results.

Did you know...
- 70% of users who search websites open just top three search results,
- 90% of users doesn't go farther than first page of search results.

Why does your web presentation need SEO?

No matter if your website provides information or it offers products and services, most of the visitors are using search engines so they could find your website. The small amount of people that heard for you will use your web address to find your website.

Quality SEO will increase number of visitors on your website, so you will have more calls and your selling will be increased. Budget that you invest in SEO will be multiply repaid to you through extra profit that you will make with better position in search engines.

Google is the most dominant search engine in the world (in regards to Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex...), with more than 65% of searches in the whole internet, so the best way is to adjust your website by Google parameters.

If you want to seriously determine to your business, SEO of your website for Google is necessary.

Internet is already pretending to become one of the most dominant media in the world. In one day it is impossible that so many people could visit your company and see what are you offering, as they can visit it on the internet. It is necessary to use SEO techniques so your website will have good and stable position in search results.

On the websites that have good SEO, more than 80% of visitors are coming from search engines. Traffic on the internet in most cases is leaded by results of web searches in commercial websites like Google or Yahoo.

If your website doesn't appear in those search results when certain keywords are typed-in, you are risking to lose number of potential visitors.

SEO analysis

Free SEO analysis of your website

If you have a website and chosen keywords, fill-in form below. We will make detailed analysis for your website, position for keywords and then we will send you report with suggestions for improving.

SEO keywords analysis

SEO analysis begins with estimating the quality of your keywords. Choosing the right keywords is the most important step, so it is necessary to dedicate enough time so this step could be done well. Think from aspect of your potential visitors, what would you type in search engines if you are searching for content your website?

There are tools with which we can check how many people is searching for certain keyword in last period. We check difficulty for placing in top 10 with chosen keywords. More about keyword analysis.

SEO analysis of competition

Competitors on the Internet are all websites that are positioned on first and second page for keywords that are significant for you and your business. If you want to overtake them in Google, it is necessary to get well acquainted with your competition. For that goal we perform a detailed research on competitor’s websites and on the basis of results that we get, we create winning strategy for your business.

SEO services that we offer:

Other internet marketing services

Except SEO, which brings results in natural (organic) way, internet marketing includes paid techniques of advertising which brings fast results when that is needed.

You can make faster way to success by combining natural with the paid optimization.

Meet the marketing benefits of:

Transparency, tracking SEO camping and reporting

We are tracking your progress and we are orderly reporting you about our SEO activities and your positions with maximum transparency and access in our business.

SEO experts Colour Web Guru

Our SEO experts are well acquainted with over 200 factors that affects high ranking and they have knowledge which is necessary for accomplishment of good results. With quality On page and Off page SEO of your website for Google, we will allow search engines to index your website, and then website will be ranked better.

Did you know...
User experience is one of the ranking factors. Google will rank better a website if it has responsive design and reward it, if it provides good user experience with its design and content.

You still don't have a website or your website is outdated? Don't allow that potential buyers leave your website because of its outdated design. Order a website and make extra profit from the Internet!

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