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CD cover graphic design

A CD wrapper is contemporary instant presentation of a content placed on the CD. CD is a multimedia combination of the picture, sound, graphics and text, which rarely leaves people indifferent. Usually there are few pages created that describe CD/DVD, beside outside wrapper.

Original CD cover

CD wrapper has a task to present the work on CD in a creative way, using quality ideas and/or photos merged into one composition on a wrapper.

In Colour Web Guru, beside CD wrapper design, you can have done professional photos. Depending on your budget, we do a certain number of sets.

Order CD cover design

Our team is always ready with new ideas and tries to break the barriers of conventional photography in Serbia.

It is not a rare thing to see that a company has its own CD/DVD presentation. CD should not be the only one form of presenting your company, for sure, but it is the best and the quickest way to be presented to the potential clients.

If you need professional multimedia CD/DVD presentation, contact Colour Web Guru – we do our job very professionally.