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Stationery Design

Stationery is a sheet of paper, A4 size that contains basic information of your company. One of the rules of business communication is that every company has the original memorandum.

Memorandum consists of the top header where a logo is typically placed, company name, bank account, tax number and registration number. The lower header contains address, telephone companies, e-mail address and web site.

In the middle of the memorandum can be found watermark your company’s logo.

Stationery is necessary for a good image

Stationery is part of corporate identity of company, whose main elements, in addition to the memorandum, are logo and business cards. Design of memorandum (based of a printing) is divided into two groups:

  • the memorandum that you can print on plain, Inkjet, office printer,
  • and those who have printed at the printing.

The reason if design is located on the edge of the paper or not. If it's on the edge of the paper memos are printed on the sheet that is later cut to A4 size.