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Brochures design

The brochure is one of the accidental, published periodically (e.g. 3 times a year). Brochures are known for their brief history forms, from a few dozen pages or more, where is company is described, presented in the brochure, as well as its products / services that company offers (while in print brochures are in the same group with books, actually all books are brochures because of the way of connecting with the book block cover).

The main feature of the brochure

The main feature of the brochure is to clearly show the company, its activities, products, plans and objectives, as well as information about new products.

Information about the company are more extensive than those that are entered into the leaflet. It is common to use coated papers (gloss) that is thicker so the overall design could leave a stronger impression.

Quality brochure design

The brochure contains more detailed description of products / activities offered by your company, then the material used for the manufacture of products, brief history of the company, etc. Preparation of a brochure in Colour Web Guru will result in a quality presentation of your company.