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Why is front-end development very important?

Earlier on front-end developers has been payed less attention and it was thought that their skills are not that important. Opinion about this has greatly changed and front-end developers make the greatest number of developers that have a distinct role.

  • Website structure must be entirely separated on layers
  • The HTML code should be HTML5, XHTML1.0 Strict
  • There can’t be half solutions, tricks and empty tags
  • Css class names should be in relation to the structure
  • Website must be tested for all browsers
  • Just one website for all devices

UI/UX Front End Development Serbia

We're experts in this field, and based in Novi Sad, Serbia. For many years we have been producing and coding beautiful user interfaces, and adjusting user experience.

Some of the things that we utilize:

  • Photoshop
  • Rapid Wireframing/Mockup tools
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • Cross-browser techniques and challenges
  • CSS Frameworks

Our front-end development provides compatibility with the following browsers: IE 7+, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, Maxthon.

Wordpress is our favorite platform.

What is Front End Development?

This is what you see when you first visit a web site. Front-end development represents process of development of functionalities and coding before adoption of the design. Good front end is one that converts design in functional, coded website without deviations, honors SEO rules and has valid code.

What makes PopArt Front End Development different?

PopArt's front end web development team are skilled in HTML, XHTML, Javascript, AJAX and CSS.

  • PopArt development team creates websites that are hand-coded
  • SEO friendly
  • Compatibility with browsers: Chrome, Opera, Firefox, IE and all operating systems