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Our primary goal is keeping long-term relations with our clients with mutually satisfaction.

10 Top Reasons to Choose Our Hosting Services

You've got the friendly support team behind you 24x7 to lend you a helping hand if you ever get stuck. Meet the team.

Manage your e-mails: add/delete your e-mail accounts

Loads of cool pre-loaded scripts and tools. All you gotta bring is your imagination and we'll take care of the rest.

Your site is yours only. No annoying banner ads popping up all over your website

Loads of storage space( 25GB )so you can keep copies of your memories on the web (away from your PC for safe-keeping)

Regular daily backups means your memories are always safe. Even if both your PC and the server crash there'll always be a copy from the backups

You can even lend your space to your family or friends and give everyone their corner on the web (at no extra cost)

Add preinstallation scripts (point-and-click) Add/delete ftp accounts

Price is only 30 euros

You'll have your account ready to use within just 4 hours of placing the order

Reliable network and top of the line servers (never overcrowded) ensure availability and fast speed of your site