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Technically, you need a domain, hosting i web design to have a website.

  • 1st step - Register a domain name at our place.
  • 2nd step - Order your hosting package.
  • 3rd step - Professional web designers will design your Internet presentation.
  • 4th step - A web design of great quality and for great price is nothing unless there is a solid optimisation done - SEO.

Order all in one place at your web design studio PopArt. All it takes is to fill our form.

What do we need from you to create a website?

  • Give us a text for your website in electronic form.
  • If you have, provide us some specific pictures, if not, we'll find them for you, design them and adjust to your website. All the pictures should have good resolutions so they would look better on website.
  • We need your contact info. if you don't have an e-mail, we'll install it for you in this form: If you don't want your visitors to contact you, which is very rare, we don't need your contact info.
  • You can, but don't have to tell us your idea how your website should look. If you don't have an idea, we'll design everything for you.
  • Colour, design style, etc...