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Domain Name Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Yes, we can register for you next domains : .com .biz .org .net .tv. You can register domain in same time when you order account for hosting.

Check avaible domains here.

No, we can't register domains specific for some country. For that you need to contact your local provider so you can complete registration.

We can host all domains specific for some country (after you registered your domain on the other place).
Yes. Domain which we register for you is completely your property. It is registered on your name, not on ours. If you decide to host your web site at some other provider in future, you will be able to do that without any problems.

Domain will be registered several hours after we receive your request. Your domain will be in function 24h -48h after registration.

That happens because DNS database need some time to synchronize and refresh information for your domain.

You can ask to get access for control of domain interface.

When domain is registered, you must contact our team for support so you can create your account for domain and then login and manage it.

Price for moving domain to us is 1000 din. Your domain will be moved in our registry + you will get one year extension of lasting your domain.

For example: If domain expires in august 2014, with one year extension, new date of expiration will be august 2015.

No, it's not necessary to have registered domain so your site could be online.

You can host your site on special IP address.
.com .org .net .info .biz .eu .me .tv .tel .ws .nl .de

In 2005 new politics about domain transfer is adopted, which provides possibility to someone steal your domain. It can happen if your domain isn't locked.

All domains which we register are locked immediately after registration.