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Your unique name on the Internet

What is a domain?

The domain name, or simply domain, is the name by which you, or your company, choose to be recognized on the Internet. It is the most important part, beside web design and optimization, of your presentation on the Internet. This name, when it's registered, is unique in the World Wide Web and no one else can use it.
Domain name is an internet address where your internet page is (site, forum, blog, portal...). It's the unique name that identifies a page so it could be found on the internet.

The domain, or domain name, uses DNS (domain name system) to translate into unique numerical code (IP address) which is identified on the internet by computers. Domain name is typed in address bar in web browsers (Mozilla, Opera...). After entering domain in address bar, a computer translates that address into unique code (IP address) where the internet page is placed (presentation, blog, site...). When you enter in your browser, a computer translates it into IP address where the web site is placed. The addresses computers use are numerical and usually are called IP address or, Internet Protocol address. Register_domainIP address is divided into 4 series of numbers with dots between them. An example of IP address is, and as you can see, that form would be very difficult for everyday use. That was the reason Domain System was created. It is much easier to remember the website than to remember numbers such as those up listed.

Why do I need a domain?

The reason is a control and in the most cases for easier remembering.For example, if you have a personal page with pictures of your children, than the page with the name is private.

Domains today are so important that some companies had to pay tens of millions of dollars to by a domain that was already registered by someone else. There are persons that keep tracking and register domains for which they think it could be popular or which companies didn't register on time and then sell it for big money. Lots of famous actors and actresses had to pay for domains with their names. That profession is very lucrative and widespread.

Companies such as E-bay, don't allow use of their name that is copyrighted. That is why there has to be paid great attention about when choosing a domain.

You can have your domain by registering it

A domain registration is a process where the chosen domain is registered on your own name. The owner of domain has the right to use that domain for his website (blog, portal, forum...).
Additional domains are the possibility of using more domains for one internet presentation. Depending on your hosting service, where your presentation is placed, you can have that possibility. Basically, the additional domain is additional name for your presentation. It is possible to address the new name too by using the DNS.
Subdomains are different sections, or parts, of your internet presentation. Subdomain is composed from prefix and main domain.

The internet contains over a million addresses and that is why it is very practical to have a system that allows to every one of them to be unique and recognizable. The domain always begins with “http://” which is short for “hypertext transfer protocol“,or, in simple words, web page. To open a web page, we use Web Browsers such as: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Flock, Google Chrome...
In the most cases domains also have “www. “(the dot is very important) in the beginning. In most cases it is not important whether you use or don't use “www.” . However, as number of pages grows, the usage of prefixes gets more important. In that case, not typing in the“www.” can result as an flaw or you could end up on a totally different page. You need to decide whether you want to use www or no. Once you decide, you need to be consistent and always use the same form to avoid problems.

You also need to make 301 redirects or use robots.txt so browser would automatically recognize and send a visitor to your page if he typed, for example, www. and you don't use it.It is very important to be done for SEO and for page to be accessible.
If you watch carefully you can see there is no symbol @ in Web address. It is used only for e-mail addresses.
The most used extensions in America are .com, .net, .gov. Extensions can also contain the specificities from the country in which you register your domain, if you wish that. For example, for Germany is .de, etc.

.com is the extension that every serious web page goes toward to because there is a largest number of them on the Internet and robots find them easily. Pages with .com are quickest to tag.

It is possible to have more pages with the same name but different extension. That is the reason why strong companies usually ensure themselves with the right on every possible extension foe their web page, especially if they are present on various markets. For example, there is,,, etc.It is all Google, but all pages are different and on different languages. If Google doesn't want to have special page for Serbia, it will make so called “redirect” which means that you will be automatically transferred to, from that you typed in.

Which type of domain to choose?

Domains are different by their extensions, which is their identification code. The three most popular types of Top Level Domains (TLDs) that are not related to a country you are living, are:

  • .com - short for commercial. COM domains are the most popular type of domains. It is available for persons equally as to organisations.
  • .net - short for network, is meant for "technical" websites. However, it is available to anyone who wish this extension for their "internet name".
  • .org - short for organization. This one is meant for nonprofitable organisations, but also available to everyone who wish exactly that name.

Domain extensions

  • .com it is the most used and the most desirable extension. It is used to present commercial web pages. Of course, lots of private and small stations also use it.
  • .net it is the second for its popularity and it usually means the page is used by a group of people.
  • .org originally this extension was reserved for humanitarian organisations. It is not controlled anymore so lots of people and companies have that extensions now.
  • .edu is reserved for schools and only registered schools have the right to use it.
  • .gov is extensions only for USA government's pages only.
  • .biz it's used by companies and private enterprises.
  • .info no restrictions, everyone can use it and they're usually cheap.
  • .name for personal pages
  • .tv television pages
  • .mobi for mobile phones

And of course, there are various national extensions we have already spoken about and new ones are constantly adding to the list.